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“Life is better if you are free of sickness, disease, and cancer”!

There is an inner intelligence in your body that mirrors the magnificence of our Creator and how wonderfully He has created you.

• Your body has 750 trillion cells—more than all the stars in the Milky Way.

• Your body replaces over 300 billion cells each night while you sleep.

• Every cell in your body is replaced every seven years.

• Every cell coordinates and communicates its activity with every other cell.

• You can think thoughts, perform duties, kill germs, kill cancer cells, remove toxins, and make a baby all at one time!

Get the answers you’re looking for:

An understanding of the cycles of Declining Health

An understanding of the steps you can take to avoid, stop or reverse the cycles of Declining Health

A framework to help you create Radiant Health for you and your loved ones

A chance, once and for all, to take control of your most valuable asset – your Radiant Health.

a message from the authors

We heard our clients say, “You should write a book. People need to know this stuff.” too many times times to count. So, we did. Our book, Creating Radiant Health – the keys to releasing the healing power within, will test the strongly held beliefs that are, or will be, contributing to a predictable, but not inevitable, declining health, sickness and disease.

Why not learn how to treat your body with the care and respect that it deserves? After all, you will only get one body, so it needs to last for your whole lifetime. We truly hope you find our book as valuable as the people we’ve helped and who asked us to write it.

Empower the inner genius inside of you. Learn how to take care of your most VALUABLE ASSET, YOUR HEALTH.